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Community Makers is a toolbox that inspires diverse communities to work together and become the makers of their own united community. It encourages interactions between adults who don’t speak the same language. 


The toolbox consists of modular building materials: recycled pallet wood in various sizes and rope. The instruction manual shows how to create different objects and inspires to dive into endless possibilities to create new design.

These creations will be collected in an online platform, to forward and share the creativity and power of collaborating communities.

The toolbox can be used in asylum centers, events, neighborhood gatherings and even in office buildings. Any place where adults need play, enhanced interactions and community building.


Humanity has always been on the move.

Throughout history, we have migrated in search of new opportunities, as well as to escape persecution, conflict and poverty. Today is not different from that.

We move to new places where we don’t speak the language and don’t know our neighbors.

I went to my home country Latvia to research interaction between and among locals and newcomers, in a village named Mucenieki, which has an asylum center.

There, I found a lack of communication between locals and newcomers. 

The language barrier and a lack of public space are the main problems, keeping this community disconnected. This problem didn’t exist among the children, who played together and connected easily, even when they didn’t speak the same language.

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